Eigill Jacobsen Lithograph, Epreuve D'Artiste, signed 1995

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Eigill Jacobsen, Lithograph, 1995

Epreuve D'Artiste, signed. 
82 cm H x 52 cm W

Eigill Jacobsen (1910-98) was a danish painter. He became Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1959 as the first abstract artist in Denmark.

Eigill Jacobsen is known as mask painter. Inspiration for the mask painting came from a trip to Paris in the 1930s were he met Picasso. Picassos works made such an impression that it changed Jacobsen's way of painting.
He exhibited at Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling (the Artists' Autumn Exhibition) in 1937, and in 1948 he participated in the formation of COBRA. 

The reviewers once called him "Master of the Masks”.