Stained Glass Painting, Arrangement of Flower Vase by Danish Erik A. Frandsen

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Erik A. Frandsen, Stained Glass Painting (2017)
Opstilling af blomstervase (Arrangement of flower vase)
126 cm H x 86 cm W

Erik A. Frandsen is a self-taught artist. In the years 1976-1979 he studied ceramics in Greece, spent time in Carrara, Italy training as a sculptor and went to Paris, France where he worked with graphics. In the early 80s he was one of the founders of Værkstedet Værst (Workshop Worst) in Copenhagen. Around this anarchist workplace community, after German and Italian inspiration, grew an enormous productive period in Danish art, entitled “The New Wild”.

In art historical context the flower motive has sustained as a symbol of beauty, sensuality, life, death, and vanity. Erik A. Frandsen has earlier applied the flower motive as a symbol in his artistic exploration of intimacy, relationships, and home life as the chosen themes of his paintings.

Erik A. Frandsen continues his ongoing exploration of lines and perspective, central to his artistic expression.
2014, Erik A. Frandsen awarded Statens Kunstfonds (the State Art Foundation's) lifelong honor award. He is represented on a wide range of museums at home and abroad, including Statens Museum for Kunst (National Museum of Art), Kobberstiksamlingen, ARoS, Trapholt, ARKEN, Louisiana and KUNSTEN.

Provenance: Private Collection, Denmark