Scandinavian Linocut, “Asashoryu Akinori, Sumo 12”
, 2006, numbered and signed

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“Asashoryu Akinori, Sumo 12”
Anne Marie Ploug (1966-)
Linocut, 2006
Numbered 4/48, signed.

Artsize: 48 cm H x 48 cm W, unframed.

This piece comes from a series of 48 artworks made by four Danish artists, 12 each in a limited edition of 48.
 The series is called “Heroes”. Heroes are made at the National Workshops for Arts and Crafts and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Graphic School. Heroes are supported by the Art Council's Visual Arts Committee

Anne Marie Ploug, Denmark
Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1995. Works primarily with painting and graphics. Runs the exhibition site SVENDS BIBLIOTEK (Svends Library) in Copenhagen and the artist group RÅBERI OVER HEGNET (Shouting over the fence). Member of BKF, KKS, Kunstnersamfundet and Danske Grafikeres Hus. Lives and works in Copenhagen.
“The artist Anne Marie Ploug is a power girl. Like her previous manga girls, she is cool and delicate at the same time. She can scratch out the finest delicate weeds, as well as kick ass in the room of the painting. She can knock out in pink and give it silence in black. ”
By Mai Misfeldt