Scandinavian Stained Glass, "Flower composition" by Danish Erik A. Frandsen

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Erik A. Frandsen, Stained Glass Painting (2017)
“Flower composition”
150 cm H x 110 cm W

Erik A. Frandsen is one of Denmark's most prominent artists. He has been drawing artistic novelties since the 1980s. His works have been exhibited at Documenta IX in Kassel 1992, Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp 2000, Louisiana 2004, Fondation Beyeler in Switzerland 2005, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, ARoS, Arken, Statens Museum for Kunst and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. In recent years, he has also performed decorations for Christiansborg, Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg, Aarhus University, the Opera in Copenhagen and Novo Nordisk in New York. Erik A. Frandsen has been awarded the Thorvaldsen Medaillen by the Academy Council in 2016 - thereby gaining the greatest artistic recognition that can be achieved in Denmark.

Erik A. Frandsen continues his ongoing exploration of lines and perspective, central to his artistic expression. In art historical context the flower motive has sustained as a symbol of beauty, sensuality, life, death, and vanity. Erik A. Frandsen has earlier applied the flower motive as a symbol in his artistic exploration of intimacy, relationships, and home life as the chosen themes of his paintings.

"In the space of art one can recognize all that one cannot talk about", - Erik A. Frandsen

From 1976 -79 Erik A. Frandsen studied ceramics in Greece, sculpture in Carrera, Italy, and worked with graphics in France. When he moved back to Denmark in 1981 he co-founded the artistic community ’Værkstedet Værst’. As a part of ’De Unge Vilde’ (The Wild Young) in the beginning of the 1980’s, Frandsen was taking part in pushing the boundaries for the formal expression of art as well as the use of materials, particularly focussing on paintings. As an artist he has explored numerous mediums through his artistic career in an endless search for new opportunities. The exploration of various artistic mediums spands widely from painting and photography to graphics, sculpture, installation, mosaics, neon and steel reliefs. The artist’s wide use of different mediums bears witness to a constant urge to explore new possibilities, and the content of the motive tells a similar story.