Scandinavian Stained Glass Sculpture - "Bunny with Heart" by Lars Ravn 2004

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Stained Glass Sculpture on stainless steel base 
- "Bunny with Heart" by the Danish artist Lars Ravn.
H 29 cm x W 18.5 cm x D 14 cm

“The rabbit is often seen in Lars Ravn’s works. Again and again he returns to the small vigilant animal with its merry sexuality. It is an appropriate animal for signifying Lars Ravn’s world. In his pictures there is an urge to keep the senses open to the world. Man approaches the world through his mouth, nose, eyes, ears and hands. No matter where we come from and to what culture we belong, we have that in common. Sharing the sensory world is an opportunity and, according to Lars Ravn, also an obligation.”
- Bolette Marie Madsen, Art Historian, M.A.

In his art, Lars Ravn speaks primarily to our senses. His joy in life and its countless sensory impressions are reflected in his coloristic color scheme and raw idiom. Regardless of the traditional distinction between fine and less fine images mixed and matched different image cultures in new rebus-like stories about everything from love, family, sexuality freedom longing, doubt and artistic creation.

Since 2015 his activities have been performed both in Denmark as a member of the Danish Art Group Corner and in China, where he works and lives now.