Stained Glass dish by Norwegian artist Frans Widerberg

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Stained Glass dish by Frans Widerberg. Rider performed with simple, powerful strokes and with strong lighting and color effects in his distinctive style and imagination. 

Diameter 45 cm x height 4 cm
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Frans Widerberg (1934-2017) is considered one of Norway's most beloved artists. For fifty years he conveyed a fervor of his art unparalleled in Norwegian art history. He was a painter, a graphic artist and a sculptor, and the bearing element of his work was always the light.

Widerberg debuted in 1963 and got his final breakthrough in 1968. Already in 1978 he represented Norway at the Venice Biennale.

His distinctive style of elongated figures, floating bodies, riders and horses in a dreamlike universe, most often painted in yellow, red and blue, goes back throughout his artistry. He was never afraid to challenge the artistic spirit of the times with his figurative idiom and by searching for the eternal truths such as love and tenderness. His artistry will remain as one of the lovers of our modern art history.

During Widerberg's over 50-year career, there have been countless exhibitions worldwide such as Gallery Brandstrup, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Venice Biennale, Decembristerne (Copenhagen), Konstnärshuset (Stockholm), The National Gallery of Modern Art (Edinburgh), Saga Gallery (London), The Morley College Gallery (London), Art Council Gallery (Belfast), Fondacion Colegio del Rey (Madrid) and The Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon).